This team is not just a normal team. It's a family. It's a huge group of streamers that help each other out.

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Some Streamers From The Team


Roy Armstrong

This guy. Is gold. I love him to death and back.

He's funny, kind, awesome and always happy to join in on jokes. It's without a doubt. A guy that likes and really enjoys fooling around and just generally having a fun time.

Super precise with his work and very caring for the quality of content he puts out. He always manages to make a chill, relaxing and entertaining room to be in. It's without a doubt, my favorite stream on Twitch. He makes grind in games actually fun with his commentary. He's not the type of streamer to just sit there for hours. He actually makes a commentary and fun out of it!

Please check him out at



The head of the family.

She's the founder, the greatest, and the sweetest. She is working so hard for her team that it's a request from me to you to check her out.

Most bosses or leaders doesn't talk with the people below them. But she has created a family that she is a part of. She joins the raids, chats, and chills around like all the other people. She is the most down to earth person ever.

If you ever need a

Funny, kind, nice, and sweet person to watch. Emmmmsie has it all. Please, check her out at



Just check him out. He does too much work for TeamEmmmmsie to not be checked out.

Nice, caring, loveable, and a hilarious guy. Wildie always manages to put me in a great mood with his humuor. Clearly a guy I want to make proud.

He's takes care of everyone. He makes sure everyone is getting the love they need. Making sure everyone does their job. Making sure peace is at bay.

Wildie is a multi-tool with no limits. He does so many different things and I can't thank him enough for ALL the work he does. Please just check him out at



The words are real with this guy.

If there is something Dalek knows... Then it is his swear words. Dalek is a hilarious and fantastic guy. Tonnes of different games where he shows the real rage potential in them. Funny, clever, and all this while it looks like he's not even trying.

Rage is real. Dalek clearly likes to rage quit and is always funny to watch him do it. A guy that makes me laugh my ass off with his funny quotes, tantrums, and just random stuff. He does not need a cam in order to be entertaining and show off his gimmicks. A good insipration for small-time streamers and camera-shy folks!

With strong opinions, clever jokes and very quote-worthy. A guy I strongly recommend you check out!

Please go have some laughs with him at



Need a relaxing and chill stream? Endlaive got your back!

He got your back if you're tired and just want to relax. He mostly plays MMO's and is very interactive with chat. He's super nice, kind, and not to forget to mention awesome!

He streams nearly every day, all the day after his work. He puts so much time into streaming. He has a office where he streams from with another streamer called Slateyy. Best friends through thick and thin, they have fun together and stream together.

It's another request from me to you, to check this guy out! He also does some drawing streams for those who enjoys that! I honestly think he's an insanely good at drawing! But he never belives me.

Other Streamers To Check Out