Final Fantasy

I'm a part of a free company called Tea Party. We are open for recruting if you want to join!

We are a small group of people playing just to have fun! Hopefully one day we will be strong enough to take down some end game content! Maybe you will help us?



Click the circles. To the beat. Addiction is real!

I love playing osu!. Sadly, it's too addicting and playing too much just hurts :'( I'm not a star or good at all. I just realllllllyyyy enjoy playing it.

If you like playing Guitar Hero(don't like, I know you do) or any other type of rythm game. Giving osu! a proper test is worth your time. It has tons of community based content with virtually unlimited amount of songs to play. Plus... It's free. What do you lose by trying?


Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

GOTY confirmed?

I have never been big fan of the adventure games. But there is something insanely fun, interresting, and good about the new one that makes me just want to explore everything

It truely has made me love the adventure genre! It has a huge map, tons of content and a difficult that makes me need a breather. Some people like to say the previous games in the serie was better, but since I never actually finished a Zelda game before. Then I think it's a insanely good game for what you get.